Lessons of life

Lessons of life

Inspirational quotes I got off reddit.


Barbershop stories

Well I think it deserves a mention. I went to the barbers, and my barber who I hadn’t seen or met before told me her story. It consisted of

Turning up to work and getting the gut feeling its not for her and just leaving

Putting her belongings into storage

Calling the estate agent to begin renting her flat

Moving to Brighton for 4 months and living in a hostel

Stumbling across the hostel randomly whilst walking through brighton, a group of people peaked her interest.

Finding new friends and moving into a new apartment in the heart of brighton.

Jumping from job to job basically because she wasn’t willing to compromise her own standards by working alongside people who don’t have them.

Beginning work at the barbershop currently, falling in love with it and wanting to help the owner succeed.

Telling me I don’t wash my hair properly… oops!!!

Also telling me you have to get up and do it for yourself. No one is going to give you anything.

Feeling like the universe is actually trying to communicate to me to get off my lazy ass finally.

And thats about it. For 10 pounds and 20-30 mins to my time, I felt it was pretty inspirational and shocking at the same time.